Saturday, February 27, 2010

A special day since yesterday...

it's special because this is the first time since the week before i register for my degree course i had been awaken for almost a day or so.
it's been a while since days of madness during the six month break after stpm.
i remembered we always gather whether at my house, chen's house or else hock's house either for gaming night, kfc night or men's talk night...LOL

yesterday started when i woke up at around 10am as i wanna go find my mum who came over to KL or pronounce as HELL CITY! as my aunt requested her to go out for a walk to relax.
my aunt told me to bring mum to somewhere but it ended up i'm driving round and round KL for almost 2hours!
it's quite she do not even know the exact position of the place..swt...
ended up we went back to her house and waited for mum's flight time.
i thought after i fetched mum to airport i could have some dinner+supper session with my friends..ended up we went to cc pula....LOL

we played till like 7am today....and there came the message of the day....
it said.." do you know we have a bus washing event for the moral project today at 8am?"
i was driving back that time and i'm totally "ki siao ki" =.="
wtf 8am!! could the committees inform us efficiently rather than just informing their friends and hoping for us to get the information from their friends?!
my friend said they send emails to everyone...where izzit?!even my friends also didn't receive any email at all....sai betoi them...

i was like walking zombie during the whole bus washing session...
luckily i'm in group 1....luckily i did not have to do anything....and luckily we could go back at 11am!! that's why i said my lucky number would always be the numbers with 1's xD

and finally i could get back, take a bath and sleep until now...i couldn't sleep anymore because i gotta study for tomorrow's test! +U to me and to all! =) ciaoz!

Sunday, February 21, 2010

A week is over

it's the most anticipated festive season i've been always waited for....chinese new year!
but now it's almost over..
8 days passed and i'm going back to the hell city tomorrow.
reluctant, missing, all those feelings came bursting out right now.
how i wish i could stay a bit more longer.
but it's about back to the reality...facing the works i left behind for a week starting tomorrow..those tests, assignments etc.
it will be a very long n tiring 2 weeks coming...i just wish i could get over it soon...very very soon i mean!

this...for me...a very short one's been a lot of fun, memorable and all those good feelings that could describe it..
gathering from the beginning till the end with family, cousins and's been quite fun...
i knew i'm rather silent on the night of our primary school gathering at IDOL cafe that day..haha...not tat i don't wanna talk...just that i don't know what to chat with u all after losing contact for a long time =)

and for the gathering of our we always did...years after years...i guess we will have a simple one next year...gather at a house n have fun... =)
but ah jin suggested something huge...that's gathering all members of our form...i guess...this will require a lot of work n cooperation..+U jin

thanks shi sen for giving 'angpaus' before he went back to penang..haha..i knew he is always that good xD

and for's the best one of all =) i do enjoy the time =)
it's the day i talked the most...haha

and for last night's men's talk...haha
i learnt that...we have always been that good together.
not just on one's everything...i'm glad i have such best friends in my life...i hope we will always be =)
with those channels we always chat in...haha...
we always been in the same channel....same ideology...advices for each other....that makes life easier =)

it's going to be monday soon...going back with all of them....see you guys and gals real soon....i hope so =)

do enjoy your lives!appreciate everything we have now...that makes life wonderful =)

till then....see you!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

I Believe

I believe the sun should never set upon an argument
I believe we place our happiness in other people's hands
I believe that junk food tastes so good because it's bad for you
I believe your parents did the best job they knew how to do
I believe that beauty magazines promote low self esteem
I believe I'm loved when I'm completely by myself alone
I believe in Karma what you give is what you get returned
I believe you can't appreciate real love 'til you've been burned
I believe the grass is no more greener on the other side
I believe you don't know what you've got until you say goodbye
I believe you can't control or choose your sexuality
I believe that trust is more important than monogamy
I believe your most attractive features are your heart and soul
I believe that family is worth more than money or gold
I believe the struggle for financial freedom is unfair
I believe the only ones who disagree are millionaires