Friday, January 16, 2009

Freshly baked butter cookies!

today i helped my mum baked butter cookies...haha...unthinkable??'s true i did all the process... ingredients i jus mixed b4 baking...
after baking.....

wanna try some???haha...folo nic them to my house lo if u guys n gals wanna try some...haha...

Thursday, January 15, 2009

The day my cpu ran at a speed i love b4

today xi yuan came to my house to boot n format my stupid slow cpu for good....b4 he did all those cpu maniac things on my's slow n dull like rubbish@@.....after xy used his "magic wand" poof!!!my cpu ran faster than a bullet...i damm enjoy it right's dota time!!!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009


Chinese new year is drawing near. When buy Chinese oranges please beware of the worms inside. These worms are very similar to the texture of the orange and therefore can only be observe if you look carefully (long sighted person may not notice).
The Chinese government had in fact made effort to destroy hundreds of tons of these oranges and compensate the farmers for these. But however some culprit may still sell it illegally. That's why we need to be careful.

Whether the worms is harmful to the human body or not is still questionable. But generally if few numbers are consumed it should not make any harm according to doctors. It is advisable to be careful about it.

abandoned for a while

this blog will be abandoned for at least 3months due to the owner do not have enough money to buy a new camera^^