Monday, August 31, 2009

It's time again......

It's time to go back to kl after a 3 days break back to alor star.
It's been a sad n happy return anyway.

1st of's sad bcos most of my frens are leaving for overseas to further their studies.
as u can c...junn's going back to us....shu yi's going to ireland together wif xin yi......wu,jolyn and huai hao r going back to uk so as xiao qing.....n the most sad nic's going to india....i noe he ll miss me a lot :D
good luck to those who r going to further their studies overseas la!!!may the best comes!!

however......we had a nice gathering tat nite
those chit-chattings n those ll be a memory for all of us :D
for more of the outing.....take a look at nic's blog.....jus like junn said.....we ll never say bye :D
c u guys n gals next year!!! was last nite's 5+1 primary sch's gathering.
wat's 5+1 means???it means 5 gals n a guy
last nite we whom r from kee chee gathered at old town.
when i reached there it was jus me, a
we talked about all those years in kee chee n how r everyone now.....
they changed a i saw last nite...but joo ann doesnt change a lot la hor..LOL

tats all for dis post.....sadly...we din took any photos last nite!!!grrr....
anyway....wish all of u the best....dun forget me...dis nice fren can d la.......

Friday, August 28, 2009

Time for headache :(

It ll be 4hours left before my calculus test...the headache of the week...
hopefully i can remember everything i studied....n hopefully.......the questions r easy :D
tats all for now......gotta get on wif the revision...ciaoz!!!

Thursday, August 27, 2009

It's calculus again!!

it's been a while since i really study for my tests......i guess...maybe it's been 2 years??
i wasted my time during form6 playing games(dota particularly) almost everyday jus like jing now(paise har jing....i jus wan to kek u nia :D)

but since i came here......i mean uniten...hah...i guess life change when u enter a stage rite??
yea....i became serious in my tests n exams.....for some reasons(mainly bcos of my parents...i dun wan to dissapoint them jus like form6)

tats y i'm revising my calculus now for the test tomorrow afternoon.....but i'm stuck at one chapter tat i always not used to.....hope i can hock beside me now so tat he can teach me calculus!!!!stupid's over for tat one.....i guess....hav to concentrate on other chapters instead :D
should get back going now :D

Saturday, August 1, 2009

You ying's Birthday Party at 4seasons!

the picture tels it all rite???'s uying bday party at 4seasons of wangsa maju......actually it's the day after her bday la....cos she came on friday whereas her bday is the day b4.....
at least we celebrated wif her rite???i purposely came all the way from uniten of kajang jus to celebrate wif u lo uying!!!should at least thank me hor..haha
since kjing hv to go to kuantan tat midnite,we(khey junn,soon han ,dong yang, huan chen n me)hv to rush from subang to wangsa maju although we reach there at 10pm....afterall we reached rite??
the group from genting klang r kjing,siew suen, you ying, chow chin n cc's gf named hui shan i thk....i duno how to pronouce n spell!!(sorry chow chin i dun mean to)
we met up below kjing's condominium n departure to 4seasons(actually kjing they rent de not their condominium)

dis place so called 4seasons is so cold in the winter area!!the aircond i thk got about 5 to 6 in a small area bah.....damm cold.....n stilll i wore short pants!!gosh!shivering all nite...haha
we ordered some food(delicious but expensive) n we had some chit-chatting.....

do u see the cake above???yea.....meaningful rite the words?? ying would never forget dis year's bday i guess...haha....thanks to soon han la....haha....
long time din c chow chin d rite???heres a photo of him,dong yang n me...
you ying with hoi ting in dis photo....she smile whole nite......maybe she happy kua...haha

kjing wif you ying

these r the full members of the bday party....inside here u could c chow chi's gf d lo....the one standing behind him is his gf liao lo.....very well rite???haha....actually there's a lot of happening tat nite between him n noe about the story???ask siew suen n khai jing la.....ask siew suen write in her blog!!haha....