Monday, February 16, 2009

Imba Breakfast Since A Long Time

today kj,ss,nic n i went to sk short form of simpang kuala to hv our breakfast.....unfortunately the place i asked them to go was close today....kena nic n ss cheng lo....pity nic he waited us for half an hour..haha...i told ss d 9am sure 9.30am all baru reach we change our location to yeong hwa...i ate wantan mee while nic n kj hv their chicken rice...honestly macam is pork rice on the other hand hv cai kuih...n duno wat d...not enuff slp so my memory terjejas....
as we finished our so called breakfast...the worker aunt there ask us whether we r driving bcos the mbas is coming to pay us a pay our cars a visit.....haha...we quickly rushed to kj's car so tat he could drive us to ours....we saw a lot of ppl queing up to pay for the parking tickets which is unusual as nic ss wanna take a photo of it....but kj bo cai her jus drive fast fast pass it....haha....she couldnt take any of it...
aftertat picking up our cars...we went to ss house as they say dun wan so fast go home(tats wat i thk they r thking la...)
once arriving there...kj n i watch called童年ma.....haha..nic as his laptop had been confiscated by his dad bcos of his over extreme use of it demanded ss to let him use her laptop for on9(wat a net maniac he is).....after a while later ah eng came to discuss about langakwi thing...we discussed n i decided we delay it for a week to around the school holidays although i'm having holidays everyday haha....n further information i will try to 安排la har...tats all for now...time to have a long nap!!

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Halo Cafe Date With Kj Nic n Xiu

we went to halo cafe on valentines nite..haha...went to listen to our pop queen wan yen singing...she asked me whether i'm serious anot....i answered her tat i'm serious...she told me to add oil@@...
imba me la...but i jus accept it matter wat happens in the future...its up to fate^^...we chat n search on9 for imba photos...haha...xiu high@@...we r currently gathering at my house!!

Friday, February 13, 2009

Valentines Day

xq...seriously i asking u??
xq would you be my valentine maybe in the future??

Rm90 here i come!!

12pm.....going to work at giant liao^^
wan drink nescafe come find me la

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Cha Cha Man

they say i'm drunk in this pic....n you ying say i'm dancing cha
when we gather at city one on the rd day of cny,they saw i drank a few cups of orange juice n then dancing around they say i'm high n drunk liao...haha...but i think i got potential to dance damm lengzai!!

My Imba Laptop

nice neh my imba new colour so ciuo....
damm like it la..haha...everybody came to "visit" it since i bought it..haha...u guys c the specification...damm imba...hahhaaaaaa......dun envy la ni men!!